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About the company

PILE ELBUD has been present on the Polish power engineering market for 20 years.

The beginnings of the company date back to the year 2000. PILE ELBUD (Przedsiębiorstwo Instalacji Linii Elektroenergetycznych ELBUD) was established on the basis of engineering and technical staff originating from Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Elektroenergetycznego ELBUD Kraków. As a professional company we specialize in comprehensive implementation of investment projects for the entire power industry, starting from designing and acquiring the right of way through completion of deliveries, execution and commissioning to handing over the facility to the Investor.

The Company is also developing the scope of its activities related to the implementation of innovative energy projects related mainly to renewable energy sources and the broadly understood energy storage.

Using the extensive knowledge and experience of our engineering and technical staff, we apply and systematically implement the most modern design and technology solutions, which allows us to ensure the highest quality in our investment projects.

By maintaining full readiness of installation crews and equipment, we are ready to start removing reported failures immediately. We build facilities for the Ministry of Energy: the transmission system operator - Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne; distribution system operators such as TAURON, PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna, ENEA, ENERGA; energy telecommunications and railway energy – PKP Energetyka – Obsługa Sp. z o.o. The Company's customers are also investors from outside the power sector.

The high quality of workmanship and non-conflicting cooperation allows us to satisfy the most demanding Investors.

All this, as well as the effort and commitment of our employees in the continuous development of the company, resulted in the prestigious membership in the elite Business Gazelle Club by Puls Biznesu monthly, as well as qualification to the group of the most dynamically developing companies.

Human Resources Potential

The engineering and technical staff has professional experience, relevant qualifications, including building authorizations to conduct independent functions within the scope of their specialities.

We have power, automation and electronics engineers, as well as Project Managers who carry out tasks based on generally applied project management methodologies.

Relying on a team of experienced negotiators and specialists in formal and legal matters and cooperating on a permanent basis with a law firm, valuers, planners and designers, we achieve high efficiency both through negotiations and administrative proceedings to obtain rights to land for construction purposes.

Our employees have completed and hold certificates of completion of courses and trainings authorizing them to perform specialized assembly, measurement and service work.

Critical Infrastructure Maintenance

We have been recognised by Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A. and TAURON Dystrybucja S.A. as the key company for maintaining the continuity of critical infrastructure and related installations and equipment managed by these companies.

PILE Elbud S.A. is on the list of companies of the Government Centre for Security that are key to maintaining the continuity of critical infrastructure operations.

We are executing framework contracts for the removal of failures for:

  • Tauron Dystrybucja S.A.
  • PSE S.A. Radom branch
  • PSE S.A. Katowice branch
  • PGE Dystrybucja S.A. Białystok branch
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 14001:2015<
ISO 18001:2004
ISO 18001:2004

The Management Board

Andrzej Kaczmarek - President of the Management Board

Andrzej Kaczmarek is a manager with experience in top positions in private business, state-owned companies, economic diplomacy and state administration, an expert in the field of energy, construction, infrastructure construction and foreign economic cooperation, business advisor and negotiator. He graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology and holds two diplomas: Master of Engineering in Electronics at the Faculty of Electronics and Master of Engineering in Mechanics at the Faculty of Precision Mechanics. The academic education is complemented by numerous training courses and competences, including the right to sit on Supervisory Boards in State Treasury companies, the Agile PM Certificate of the Agile Project Management Foundation and the MoP Foundation Certificate in Portfolio Management.

Břetislav Baruch - Vice-President of the Management Board


Zbigniew Nuciński (born on 26 November 1957 in Lublin, died on 23 October 2015 in Kraków) – a long-standing, distinguished employee of the power industry, founder and long-term President of the Management Board of PILE ELBUD S.A.

In June 1984, he graduated from the Lublin University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, specializing in the processing and use of electricity. He took up his first job in January 1985 at Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Elektroenergetycznego ELBUD Lublin as a Construction Engineer. There he was promoted to the position of a Site Manager, later to the position of the Head of the Executive Department.

In 1997, Zbigniew decided to permanently link his professional life to Kraków. As a Member of the Management Board of ABB ELBUD Kraków S.A., directly derived from PBE Kraków established in 1946 for reconstruction and development of the national infrastructure for electricity processing and transmission, he was the Director of the Department of Infrastructure and Power Lines.

In 2000, Zbigniew undertook a difficult and risky task and together with his colleagues established his own company under the name of PILE ELBUD Kraków Sp. z o.o., where he sat in the chair of the President of the Board. Based on the accumulated experience and knowledge, with great commitment and dedication, he made PILE ELBUD recognizable on the energy market.

Zbigniew Nuciński was a member of the Association of Polish Power Generators, the Energetus Electrical Power Engineering Design and Construction Association in Warsaw. He was distinguished by his strength of character and serenity. For his co-workers, he was a leader who was characterized by empathy and, thanks to the high demands on himself, inspired others to set ambitious goals for themselves.

On 23 October 2015, he died after a long illness, having lived for 57 years.

Policy Statement of the Integrated Management System

The main objectives of the Company are:

  • design, construction and modernization of power facilities, fibre-optic routes and telecommunication masts of the highest quality and meeting the expectations of the most demanding customers
  • maintaining a significant role in the market for its products and services
  • prevention of pollution and negative impact on the environment during the execution of projects
  • striving for continuous improvement of occupational health and safety

We achieve our goals through:

  • the involvement of the Management Board and Management in the promotion, development and implementation of activities in the field of; health and safety, environment and quality among the staff
  • using materials and technologies with the level of quality, ecology and safety, ensuring the highest reliability of the implemented facilities
  • maintaining the highest qualifications of employees and taking into account the opinions of employees and their commitment to quality, environment and occupational health and safety
  • recognizing and responding to the needs of customers and continuous non-conflicting cooperation with investors to ensure their satisfaction
  • providing resources and means to implement the actions undertaken effectively
  • setting quality, health and safety and environmental objectives in line with the strategic direction and context of the Company
  • applying legal and other requirements to which the organization commits itself, including those relating to quality, environmental and health and safety aspects
  • setting quality, health and safety and environmental objectives in line with the strategic direction and context of the Company
  • waste management in accordance with applicable regulations
  • systematically improving the Integrated Management System based on the requirements of standards: ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018

We assure you that this Integrated Management System policy has been communicated, understood and accepted by all employees of PILE ELBUD SA, and reviewed in terms of its timeliness and relevance. It is also available to interested parties if necessary.

Integrated Management System

The PN-EN ISO 9001 standard is a quality standard accepted and recognized worldwide.

This standard covers all aspects of the company's operations and recommends that the company's processes be covered by the Deming cycle.

The main requirements of PN-EN ISO 9001 include the company's focus on understanding and meeting customer requirements through:

  • introducing supervision over the documented information (documents)
  • management's involvement in building a quality management system
  • systematizing resource management
  • establishing product implementation processes
  • systematically monitoring (measuring): implemented processes, customer satisfaction, manufactured products and continuous improvement of the company, through planning and implementation of improvement activities

The PN-EN ISO 14001 environmental standard is an organization management system aimed at eliminating the adverse impact of its activities on the natural environment.

Its principles include striving for continuous improvement in waste and wastewater management, atmospheric emissions and elimination of all other hazards related to adverse environmental impact during the execution of works.

Elimination of negative environmental impact in our company should be implemented through::

  • taking care of the technical condition of machines and equipment by systematic inspections and necessary repairs and maintenance
  • replacement of the machine resources (cars, technological equipment) with more modern ones in order to reduce exhaust emissions and soil pollution by leakage of operating fluids
  • waste management - collecting waste and passing it on for disposal to licensed companies in accordance with applicable law
  • the use of precast concrete pavement panels in the process to reduce the degree of land devastation
  • immediate response to environmental breaches such as soil contamination, fire, damage to vegetation, etc.
  • environmental monitoring of subcontractors working for our company. Employees of a subcontractor should meet the same conditions as our employees

The 18001/45001 occupational health and safety management system is part of the overall management system of the organization, whose task is to act for the continuous improvement of occupational health and safety

Achievement of the requirements of the 18001/45001 standard is achieved through::

  • planning activities involving the OHS service
  • providing workers with the necessary personal protective equipment and protective clothing and tools
  • timely medical examinations and periodic health and safety training
  • drawing up HASP plans and making them known to staff
  • conducting occupational risk assessment for individual workstations and familiarizing employees with it
  • obligatory use of personal protective equipment
  • conducting periodic inspections at construction sites by the OHS service and fulfilling the follow-up recommendations
  • reporting accidents and potential accidents at work
  • occupational health and safety supervision of subcontractors performing work for our company - a subcontractor's employees should meet the same conditions as our employees
  • joint action by Management and Staff to improve occupational health and safety
Organizational Structure

In connection with the dynamic development of our Company, the Management Board focuses on the improvement of the organizational structure and procedures functioning in PILE ELBUD in order to improve the efficiency of work and to use its potential to the maximum.:

The Company's organizational structure ensures full cooperation between the organizational units in order to effectively carry out the entire contract performance process.

The organizational structure includes units responsible for contract performance::

  • Execution Division
  • Marketing and Purchasing Division
  • Project Management Department

and auxiliary units:
  • OHS Department
  • Integrated Management System Representative
  • Financial Division
  • and administrative units – HR, IT, Management Office

The Execution Division is responsible for the whole activity of the Company in the scope of execution of construction works. It is responsible for the performance of contracts as an independent contractor, subcontractor and as a leader or partner in executive consortia.:

The engineering and technical staff of the Execution Division has professional experience, relevant qualifications, including building authorizations to conduct independent functions within the scope of their specialities.:

The Execution Division consists of the following departments::

  • The Executive Department is the core of the Company responsible for the execution of works related to the construction of transmission and distribution lines and substations. The Executive Department is also responsible for organizing, supervising and coordinating construction works, coordinating and receiving works performed by subcontractors and optimizing the economic result achieved and use of allocated resources
  • The Commissioning and I&C Department has been operating within the Company's structure since 2008. The employees of the Commissioning Department have certificates of completion of a number of courses and trainings, authorizing them to perform specialized assembly, measurement and service works. Their tasks also include carrying out the necessary commissioning activities and post-erection checks, comprehensive measurements of primary apparatus and secondary circuits of substations, measurements of shock voltages and measurements of earth resistance and earth continuity
  • Transport and Equipment Resources Department – the main tasks of the department include supervision over the maintenance and operation of means of transport, machines and equipment and control and measurement equipment. The department is responsible for the Company's equipment base in Niepołomice. It also runs tool management and supervises the Company's warehouses. It is also responsible for waste management
  • The Department of Formal and Legal Arrangements and Urban Planning is responsible for the complex aspect of obtaining legal titles to the properties through which the projects implemented by the Company run. Additionally, the scope of its activity includes services related to planning and land use, preparation of urban planning analyses. A team of experienced negotiators and specialists in formal and legal matters, cooperating with a law firm, valuers, planners and designers, achieves high efficiency both through negotiations and administrative proceedings to obtain rights to land for construction purposes. A dynamically developing team and many years of experience guarantee the provision of comprehensive formal, legal and urban planning services at the highest level
  • The Technical Office was introduced to the organizational structure of the Company in 2020 as a substantive and technical support for the project teams in the ongoing contracts. The Office cooperates with Site Managers on an ongoing basis in organizing and scheduling contracts. It cooperates with the Marketing Division in preparing offers for tenders. It is responsible for optimization of solutions and costs of performed contracts

The Marketing and Purchasing Division is an independent unit in the organization, responsible for the entire marketing activity of the Company. It mainly deals with the preparation of offers; analysis, preparation and conclusion of contracts; transferring projects for implementation.

The employees of the Marketing Division also analyse technical specifications and documentation, prepare and organise conditions for the correct and efficient execution of construction works. They also conduct financial and technical negotiations with contractors.

The Project Management Department enriches the company's ranks with Project Managers who carry out tasks based on generally applied project management methodologies.

Project Managers ensure proper communication and cooperation with the investor and contractors, manage the work of project teams and coordinate the activities of persons and entities cooperating in the implementation of tasks. They are responsible for scheduling the implementation of tasks, ongoing supervision and control of the progress of work to maintain project compliance with the plan. They analyse risks and manage changes (preventive and corrective actions) in the event of a risk of a project going wrong. Thanks to their experience they are able to optimise the economic result achieved and the use of allocated resources.

We invite you to check out our range of services.

OHS and Environmental Protection

PILE ELBUD's priority is the continuous improvement of employees' qualifications, training and education in the field of occupational health and safety and seeking innovations to improve the quality of our management system.

Our objectives:

  1. continuous increase in the level of safety on the projects underway
  2. ochrona zdrowia i życia pracowników własnych i podwykonawców
  3. compliance with legal requirements

Resources for their implementation:

  1. own OHS service
  2. training and continuous awareness-raising on safety, for our own and subcontractors’ employees
  3. compliance with OHS regulations and requirements of the Employers
  4. continuous OHS inspections of projects in progress

For the sake of our employees' health, we have introduced countermeasures to counteract COVID-19:

  1. a Board's proxy has been appointed to continuously monitor the current pandemic situation
  2. remote work for office workers has been enabled
  3. direct contact with people outside the office has been limited
  4. installation crews have been equipped with disinfectants, masks, gloves and protective suits
  5. specialist training courses have been carried out, office work has been reorganised
  6. PILE Elbud employees perform their tasks respecting the principles of social distance and sanitary standards
  7. a permanent information campaign is conducted for employees and subcontractors on the state of the pandemic, prevention measures, legal provisions related to COVID-19, etc.
OHS and Environmental Protection Requirements
§ 1.

OHS and Environmental Protection requirements for a subcontractor

  1. Obligation to present documents confirming the validity of OHS training courses, medical examinations and relevant qualifications and certificates of competence
  2. Ensuring direct supervision of its employees;
  3. Appointment of a person (providing full name) to contact the Site Manager in OHS safety matters with the obligation to be present on the site
  4. Obligation to immediately report to the Site Manager all potential accidents, incidents, breakdowns and accidents occurring among employees or at its workstations according to the Employer's procedures
  5. Consent to the participation of a representative of the Employer's OHS services in any proceedings related to accidents, breakdowns and other incidents. Sharing the materials collected in this respect and providing copies of documentation establishing the circumstances and causes of these events
  6. Conduct in compliance with environmental law and other environmental regulations applicable to Subcontractor's business
  7. Prevention of environmental pollution during the works;
  8. Conducting waste management each time in accordance with the Employer's instructions, ensuring appropriate segregation enabling the transfer of waste for reuse or treatment in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection law
§ 2.

Requirements for subcontractors to be met - prerequisite for entering the construction site

These requirements should be part of the "orientation" training for subcontractors, carried out by the OHS service or the Site Manager, before the subcontractor's employees are introduced to the site.

  1. Appropriate work clothes, compliant with regulations and standards, adapted to the expected scope of work. The equipment should result from a risk assessment and the nature of the work
  2. The basic equipment of an employee to be admitted to work:
    • Safety helmet
    • Prevention of environmental pollution during the works
    • Warning vest or equivalent, e.g.: jackets, T-shirts, etc.
    • Safety boots
    • Odzież ochronna lub robocza spełniająca wymogi PN
  3. Personal protective equipment according to the specifics of works – suitable for use (before expiration date)
  4. Information training conducted by the Employer's OHS service, for the scope of work provided for the subcontractor
  5. Development of safe work instruction in the case of the necessity to change the technology of conducting works accepted by the Employer
  6. The subcontractor's registered list of employees with the obligation to update it on an ongoing basis
  7. Field Superintendent’s building license
  8. Current medical examination certificates of employees – photocopies of certificates provided to the Site Manager before the work is allowed
  9. Current OHS training certificates – photocopies of certificates delivered to the Site Manager before a person is allowed to work
  10. List of persons appointed to provide premedical assistance
  11. Authorizations of technical personnel (electricians, equipment operators, welders, hookers) - certificates to be viewed together with the obligation to have them permanently by the authorized persons
  12. Office of Technical Inspection Documentation – registers, approvals, certificates, inspections, maintenance – for machines
§ 3.

The Employer is entitled to:

  1. Visit workstations and washing and toilet facilities arranged by the Subcontractor as part of the implementation of the subject matter of the contract, on the site
  2. Issue recommendations for the rectification of deficiencies and irregularities in the field of occupational health and safety and to check their implementation
  3. Request temporary or permanent removal of Subcontractor's employees who grossly violate health and safety obligations from the construction site
  4. Issue orders for the implementation of measures to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations and rules, in connection with the coordination of construction works
  5. Suspend works and work in the event of a threat to health and life. In such a case, the Employer shall not be liable for losses or costs incurred by the Subcontractor in this respect .Nor will these losses or costs constitute grounds for justifying possible delays
  6. Charge the Subcontractor with penalty charges in the event of:
    1. Lack of equipment or non-use of personal protective equipment and work clothes and shoes by employees and persons working on their behalf - in the amount of PLN 100 (say: one hundred) for each case found
    2. Lack of order at the workstations arranged by the Subcontractor as part of the performance of the subject matter of the contract and in their surroundings, violation of environmental protection regulations - in the amount of PLN 500 (say: five hundred) for each case found
    3. Violations of safety regulations and rules, including those specified in the HASP, work safety instruction or OHS instructions - in the amount of PLN 500 (say: five hundred) for each case found
    4. Employees under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants on the construction site - in the amount of PLN 1,000 (say: one thousand) for each case found and permanent removal of such employees from work on the construction site
    5. Admission to perform work without the required supervision of the manager - in the amount of PLN 1,000 (say: one thousand) for each case found
    6. Admission to work requiring additional qualifications by a person who does not have relevant qualifications confirmed by documents - in the amount of PLN 1,000 (say: one thousand) for each case found
  7. If during the next inspection the irregularities referred to in § 3 item 5 are found, the penalty for each case found shall be determined by increasing by 50% the penalty imposed recently for the same breach.

The beginnings of the company date back to the year 2000. PILE ELBUD was established on the basis of engineering and technical staff originating from Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Elektroenergetycznego ELBUD Kraków.

As a professional company we specialize in comprehensive implementation of investment projects for the entire power industry, starting from designing and acquiring the right of way through completion of deliveries, execution and commissioning to handing over the facility to the Investor.

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