Formal and legal agreements

Right of way

The implementation of right-of-way projects is inextricably linked with issues related to obtaining legal titles to the properties through which these projects run. At PILE ELBUD S. A., as part of a comprehensive service, we also deal with this very complex aspect of the project. Relying on a team of experienced negotiators and specialists in formal and legal matters and constantly cooperating with a law firm, valuers, planners and designers, we achieve high efficiency both through negotiations and administrative proceedings.

Realizując inwestycje z zakresu elektroenergetycznych linii przesyłowych i dystrybucyjnych PILE ELBUD S. A. pozyskiwała tytuły prawne do nieruchomości położonych na terenie województw małopolskiego, kujawsko – pomorskiego, lubelskiego, wielkopolskiego, śląskiego i podkarpackiego.

We offer comprehensive cooperation in the field of obtaining legal titles to properties located on the route of right-of-way projects. Within the scope of our activity, we conduct negotiations and agreements with owners as well as administrative proceedings concerning the restriction of the use of the property or the obligation to make the property available.

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The beginnings of the company date back to the year 2000. PILE ELBUD was established on the basis of engineering and technical staff originating from Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Elektroenergetycznego ELBUD Kraków.

As a professional company we specialize in comprehensive implementation of investment projects for the entire power industry, starting from designing and acquiring the right of way through completion of deliveries, execution and commissioning to handing over the facility to the Investor.

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