Main tasks

Prevention of pollution and negative impact on the environment during the execution of projects

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Striving for continuous improvement of occupational health and safety

Significant role in the market

Maintaining a significant role in the market for its products and services

The highest level of quality

Design, construction and modernization of power facilities, fibre-optic routes and telecommunication masts of the highest quality and meeting the expectations of the most demanding customers


The involvement of the Management Board and Management in the promotion, development and implementation of activities in the field of; health and safety, environment and quality among the staff


Maintaining the highest qualifications of employees and taking into account the opinions of employees and their commitment to quality, environment and occupational health and safety


Recognizing and responding to the needs of customers and continuous non-conflicting cooperation with investors to ensure their satisfaction


Using materials and technologies with the level of quality, ecology and safety, ensuring the highest reliability of the implemented facilities


Providing resources and means to implement the actions undertaken effectively and waste management in accordance with applicable regulations


Applying legal and other requirements to which the organization commits itself, including those relating to quality, environmental and health and safety aspects


Setting quality, health and safety and environmental objectives in line with the strategic direction and context of the Company


Preventing accidents at work, occupational diseases and potential accidents


Systematically improving the Integrated Management System based on the requirements of standards: ISO

9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018

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Integrated Management System

The PN-EN ISO 9001 standard

This standard is a quality standard accepted and recognized worldwide.
This standard covers all aspects of the company's operations and recommends that the company's processes be covered by the Deming cycle

The main requirements of PN-EN ISO 9001 include the company's focus on understanding and meeting customer requirements through:

  • introducing supervision over the documented information (documents)
  • management's involvement in building a quality management system
  • systematizing resource management
  • establishing product implementation processes
  • systematically monitoring (measuring): implemented processes, customer satisfaction, manufactured products and continuous improvement of the company, through planning and implementation of improvement activities.

We assure you that this Integrated Management System policy has been communicated, understood and accepted by all employees of PILE ELBUD SA, and reviewed in terms of its timeliness and relevance. It is also available to interested parties if necessary.

The PN-EN ISO 14001 environmental standard

This standard is an organization management system aimed at eliminating the adverse impact of its activities on the natural environment.

Its principles include striving for continuous improvement in waste and wastewater management, atmospheric emissions and elimination of all other hazards related to adverse environmental impact during the execution of works.

Elimination of negative environmental impact in our company should be implemented through:

  • taking care of the technical condition of machines and equipment by systematic inspections and necessary repairs and maintenance
  • replacement of the machine resources (cars, technological equipment) with more modern ones in order to reduce exhaust emissions and soil pollution by leakage of operating fluids
  • waste management - collecting waste and passing it on for disposal to licensed companies in accordance with applicable law
  • the use of precast concrete pavement panels in the process to reduce the degree of land devastation
  • immediate response to environmental breaches such as soil contamination, fire, damage to vegetation, etc.
  • environmental monitoring of subcontractors working for our company. Employees of a subcontractor should meet the same conditions as our employees.

The 45001 occupational health and safety management system

This system is part of the overall management system of the organization, whose task is to act for the continuous improvement of occupational health and safety.

Achievement of the requirements of the 45001 standard is achieved through:

  • planning activities involving the OHS service
  • providing workers with the necessary personal protective equipment and protective clothing and tools
  • timely medical examinations and periodic health and safety training
  • drawing up HASP plans and making them known to staff
  • conducting occupational risk assessment for individual workstations and familiarizing employees with it
  • obligatory use of personal protective equipment
  • conducting periodic inspections at construction sites by the OHS service and fulfilling the follow-up recommendations
  • reporting accidents and potential accidents at work
  • occupational health and safety supervision of subcontractors performing work for our company - a subcontractor's employees should meet the same conditions as our employees
  • joint action by Management and Staff to improve occupational health and safety

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