New Technologies

New Technologies



Our new scope of activity is the implementation of innovative energy projects related to renewable energy sources and storage.


The company has completed numerous contracts for 20 years of its activity. Currently, it focuses on innovative technologies.

wind farms:

  • construction of access roads and foundations
  • installation of masts and turbines
  • picking of power devices supplies
  • "turn-key" investments
  • implementation of power take-off points

energy storages:

  • adaptation of technology to Investor's requirements and local conditions
  • adaptation of the selected solutions to the existing technical and network conditions - technical project as well as formal and legal matters
  • delivery and construction of a Battery-based Energy Storage System and accompanying infrastructure
  • testing, acceptance and operation
  • maintenance and operation services
over 20 years on the market
comprehensiveness, i.e. from a building permit to implementation
own machinery, vehicles and specialised equipment
experienced executive and engineering teams, as well as highly qualified technicians and installers

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