Right of Way and planning

Right of Way and planning


While implementing projects in the field of power transmission and distribution lines, PILE ELBUD S.A. obtained legal titles to properties located in many provinces.


The interdisciplinary team of PILE ELBUD S.A., is ready to carry out all planning works, in their full scope. This is particularly important in order to maintain the desired timetable and pace of work, and, at the stage of agreeing on individual studies, allows for a rapid response to the comments of the review and approval bodies.

urban design, including the preparation of:

  • local development plans
  • key diagrams of the city, municipality
  • financial impact forecasts for the adoption of the local plan
  • materials for the application for permission to use agricultural and forestry land for non-agricultural and non-forestry purposes
  • environmental impact forecasts
  • expertise in local law
  • analyses of changes in the spatial development of the municipality and assessment of the validity of the key diagram and local plans
  • analyses concerning the legitimacy of proceeding with the preparation of the local development plan

project preparation, including the preparation of:

  • applications for determining the location of a public purpose project
  • studies on the compatibility of the project with planning documents
  • ecophysiographical studies
  • environmental impact forecasts
  • environmental impact assessments

obtaining legal titles to real estate located along the route of linear investments, including:

  • conducting negotiations and arrangements with the owners
  • conducting administrative proceedings regarding the restriction of the use of real estate or the obligation to make real estate available
over 20 years on the market
comprehensiveness, i.e. from a building permit to implementation
own machinery, vehicles and specialised equipment
experienced executive and engineering teams, as well as highly qualified technicians and installers

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Preparing complete design documentation together with obtaining the building permit decision for the project of: Construction of a 110kV line between Wygoda and Muchówka and Muchówka distribution substation

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