Traction substations

Traction substations


PILE ELBUD S.A. also actively participates in the development of railway infrastructure within the framework of the Modernisation of Power Supply Systems programme.


The cooperation started in 2019 in the field of construction and assembly works on traction substations is continued.

  • construction of new and modernization of existing traction buildings
  • delivery, assembly and start-up of 110kV and 15kV alternating current switching stations
  • delivery, assembly and commissioning of 3kV DC switching station
  • delivery, assembly and commissioning of station systems (including teletechnical installations, measurement systems)
  • construction of transformer stations
  • construction of 110kV and 15kV power lines
  • construction of external infrastructure
over 20 years on the market
comprehensiveness, i.e. from a building permit to implementation
own machinery, vehicles and specialised equipment
experienced executive and engineering teams, as well as highly qualified technicians and installers

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